Samadarshi and Sayoni Ghosh pair up for Suvendu Pandit's Wrong Number

Well known Tollywood actors Samadarshi Dutta and Sayoni Ghosh has paired up for director Suvendu Pandit's directorial venture titled Wrongg Number.

The film revolves around two guys named Sandy and Joy. Sandy belongs to an affluent family background and lives an independent life staying in a rented flat of his own. Sandy spends time as a guitarist and also a vocalist for a band. Joy is a part time Bengali Teacher who aspires to be a writer. In course of time sandy uploads a video on You tube based on lyrics written by Joy. He becomes famous overnight.
Deya , a girl who have a keen interest on literature sends Sandy a friend request . Inspite of sensing psychological mismatch with Deya Sandying carries on the relation with Deya. Deya's friend Shruti is introduced in the mix and sparks a chemistry with Joy. Shruti is addicted to pub culture and Joy tries hard to get into that culture to accompany his lady love.
Identity crisis crops up for Sandy and Joy while treading paths not made for them. What happens to the two relations next forms the crux of the story.
The movie got its music launched recently at Tram Deepo, a popular restro in Kolkata. Though Sayoni Ghosh gave the event a miss, Samadarshi Dutta was present at the event to promote the cause. Music Director Rahul Majumdar has churned out some hummable numbers from singers like Rupam Islam, Timir Biswas, Sanchita Roy and Raj Burman.
Apart from Samadarshi and Sayoni, Sourabh Das and newcomer Durga Santra will be playing major roles in the film.
Reporting by J.P. Mandal